Stand-Out Fireplaces in Newport, OR

Our Coast Hearth and Home team is ready to find you the perfect fireplace to fit all of your home’s needs. We understand that your  new fireplace is an investment. No matter if you want to add warmth or character, we will work one-on-one with you to make sure you are satisfied.

A Warm Focal Point For Your Family

Over the years, a fire has acted as a magnet where family and friends gather. Adding a fireplace to your home is sure to add the style, warmth and inviting ambiance to any room. You can count on us to help you select the perfect type of fireplace for your home and wallet..

Types of Fireplaces

Wood Burning – Wood burning fireplaces add the traditional feel of the fire. Not only will you enjoy every night listening to the crackling, but the wood’s ability to sustain warmth after it has gone out is fantastic.

Pellet Burning – Pellet burning fireplaces use eco-friendly forest waste, releasing almost no creosote. This option also produces more heat than the others, making it the most efficient. Pellet burning fireplaces are great for people searching for a smaller fireplace option for their home.

Gas – Gas fireplaces look like traditional fireplaces but can begin producing heat with a flick of a switch, or a simple button. This option is ideal for owner’s that want the ease of starting a fire without the wood and flame.

Electric – Electric fireplaces release no risky fumes and you don’t have to worry about a large electric bill. This is great for owner’s looking for a low maintenance option or for someone who wants a specific design.

Our team is ready to bring warmth to your home.
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